From one small office in Surabaya, JJ was born.


From one small office in Surabaya, JJ was born. A manual typewriter was a silent witness when we first started, combined with a deep passion, determination, and strong vision.

Today, JJ Group has become one of the leading advertising companies in Indonesia.

As a one stop advertising company, our growth is a result of decades of trust given by our clients, and the only way we know how is to give our best and push boundaries.

JJ Communications


JJ Communications was founded, with General Electric as our first client. This was the beginning of our growth.

The trust given by clients makes our group stronger to this day. 

By winning various brand pitches, we continue to be committed and consistent by always giving the greatest effort with the best quality. This has cemented our clients’ trust for more than 25 years, such as the Wings, Djarum, and many others.

Our network comprises eight offices and more than 300 people, and our work spans every discipline.

And our best work comes from bold combinations of different people and skills to create something new. That’s how we help our clients and partners win and reach the stars!

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